Mayhem at Allstate

These are a few of my personal favorite advertisements broadcasted today. Cool enough (and very conveniently to my academics), Leo Burnett Chicago created these hilarious advertisements for Allstate Insurance. With competition in mind, Leo Burnett went the way of comedy to show the importance of insurance rather than using the tried and overused method of using tactics of fear and comfort to cater to the hierarchy of need in security (Are you in good hands?). In contrast, State Farm caters to a different need – the feeling of belongingness (Like a good neighbor, state farm is there).

When looking at this advertisement, my opinion would be that the main idea Leo Burnett is trying to push across is the fact that Allstate provides more coverage for more possibilities than other “cut-rate” insurance providers. After some quick googling and wikipedia searching, Allstate is the second-largest personal lines insurer in the US and largest that is publicly held.

Allstate sells a multitude of products. 13 major lines of insurance including auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and commercial insurance. Allstate also offers retirement and investment products, and banking services. Auto insurance also makes available many different options like accident forgiveness, lower deductibles, safe driving bonus, and higher limits.

With all those available products, it’s possible to see the reasoning in the “Mayhem” TV advertisements for the allusion to the wide coverage and protection that Allstate can provide.

-Bryan Miguel

The Mayhem campaign was made by Leo Burnett. This is a mix made by YouTube user tribekiller88 so credit him with putting the commercials together. The wikipedia source used is:

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