Could’ve spilled in better places…

For instance my mouth. I for one am a big fan of McDonald’s shamrock shake and am sure to make it a weekly consumption when they’re finally released each year. Take a look down to see what I mean.

The dying of the Chicago river is a huge event in honor of St. Patrick’s day and garners the attention of millions of people walking by with some visiting to watch the river become green. Thinking about the sheer size of the audience, the Chicago agency of Leo Burnett thought it would be a good idea to come up with an alternative reason for the river becoming green. Their idea? The world’s largest Shamrock Shake (12′ cup; 4’x8′ dome lid, 8′ long straw) tipped over into the river – complete with whipped cream and cherry.

The last picture in the set above is from 2010, where they first introduced it. When they introduced it, it was to give awareness to the new  Ronald McDonald house they were building in Chicago. This Ronald McDonald house was to be the largest house ever. It doubled as an advertisement and announcement for the limited-time-only McDonald’s Shamrock Shake (If you haven’t tried one now, I suggest you do).

The first few pictures are from 2011, where not only did they show off the largest shamrock shake, but they helped contribute in actually dying the river green. This time the over-sized jug served solely as an announcement that the Shamrock shakes were available.

What do I think? Well, well played Mr. Burnett, well played. When they first pulled off this stunt in 2010, they garnered a huge amount of attention. Not only did people want to come up to see the giant shake and treat it like a tourist trap like the bean, but they garnered the attention of news media. These news announcements showed footage of the cup, discussed the reason why it was there, and told people where to go if they wanted to check it out.

In 2011 the tactic was smart in the sense of the sheer size of the audience and the different demographics that come to watch the dying of the river. This hits such a broad spectrum of people, just like the different types of consumers that visit McDonald’s.

-Bryan Miguel

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