Something Passionate

Every once in a while I’ll plug in class assignments. So I guess you get to know a little about me more so than just through my about me page. Trust me, I’m not exactly sure how interesting I really am.

This assignment asks me to blog about something I’m passionate about – here it is Tennis. Be prepared for longwinded tangents.

Novak Djokovic – the tennis player I hate most, is surprisingly alpha dog in the world right now at 64-3 overall in 2011. I don’t think anyone else saw this one coming, especially since he used to be known as another dog reference. The amount of times he quit matches when he was down, was upsetting. He blamed injury after injury and disrupted major tennis matches for medical time-outs. Often times it was enough to extinguish the fire his opponents had burning for a miracle comeback.

What’s so different this year that the big Djoke is now the big cheese?

It’s all nutrition related. Novak switched up his diet for a gluten-free menu. Essentially he stopped eating gluten-containing ingredients. For example: wheat, kamut, spelt, barley, rye, and triticale.

That’s right Milwaukee – no beer. Talk about large sacrifices, but sometimes I guess you do what you need to do to win. Some take steroids, some illegally recruit players, and very few drink their own…yeah.

The super human growth Djokovic had as a player is like Edward Morra from uninspired street trash to clean livin’ billionaire style. The benefits seem astronomical, but that is a lot of risk.

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