Class Favorites

Class is in session again. For this post we are asked about my personal favorite print advertisements. It goes on to break it down to Consumer Products, Business to business, and public service.

Everyone has a frame of reference, so you would best understand my choices by understanding what I like. I’m a big believer of lifestyle advertisements – these ads must show how it applies to the audiences’ life whether it is stated or implied. Scroll down to read my choices and understand.


company: Calvin Klein

product: Eternity cologne and perfume

Calvin Klein Eternity

I’m a subscriber to Men’s Health magazine and the first few pages are always filled with ads, mostly for cologne. Typically I just flash by them because of how uninteresting and typical cologne advertisements are. The usual cologne advertisement consists of gorgeous models or celebrities being seductive and living the life that you want.

Looking at this advertisement, this one isn’t too different from my stereotype. The difference is that this is much more tame and there’s a lot more noticeable subtleties. Eternity means to last forever and the advertisement focuses mostly on that single selling point. As these two lovers are staring directly into each others’ eyes you notice that below their chins is a negative-space heart. Next to the heart on the woman’s ring finger is a wedding ring. Two symbols of long lasting love. This idea is also extended through a sense of timelessness using black and white photography (this also helps bring eye direction to the product since the product is in color but the color blends with the image).

This ad also implies  the type of scent of the cologne would have. The easiest way to break things down are light scents and heavy scents: light for summer and heavy for winter. With the couple laying on the beach (implied by the sand and surrounding plants) it is safe to assume that the cologne is light.


company: McGraw Hill

service: business publication advertising
McGraw Hill
This is my favorite print B2B advertisement because of the copy. Typically I am image first, then supplement the copy later, but this is made the other way around. I love the consistency of the header (if you can call it a header) that goes out stating things exactly as a potential client may think. If they haven’t heard of the client before the sales call then it may be a hard sell to convince them to try something untested.

I like how direct the bottom line is about the the service, and to balance the copy and image, the tag is much shorter than the header. This is simply an advertisement that is completely different from my own style and I like it because of it. I don’t have much B2B in my personal portfolio, but I like the large amount of creativity that is in this one.

client: City of Milwaukee Health Department

Strong Baby Campaign

How can anyone in Milwaukee think of a favorite public service ad that is not made by Serve Marketing? This campaign has legs and these legs run. Starting off with a single print ad, this spread out to multiple versions of a print ad to guerrilla tactics to outdoor on multiple levels to internet ads. Gary Mueller really knows how to make a campaign spread like wildfire.

I love this campaign because the image is so out of the ordinary. Each of them are playful but serious, and out of the ordinary. It gets right down to the point without having to coerce anyone to believing statistics; simply the honest truth with a smart design.

Having to stick to print ads was pretty difficult for me. When I first heard this assignment, my instant response was to regurgitate a laundry list of television advertisements. After refining my list, I stand behind this and give it the official “Bryan Miguel Stamp of Approval.” (Possible actual stamp in the future.)

Stay Creative
-Bryan Miguel

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