Times they are a changin’

Bob Dylan had it right, and so did Dr. Grow in her quote for the refresh of her textbook with PKA Creative Director, Tom Altstiel.

For the past few months, I have been working for these two great minds in refreshing their textbook Advertising Creative: Strategy, Copy + Design. Much of this work involves data digging, proofreading, citation editing, and searching through tons and tons of ads.

Through this, I’ve really thought about the direction of the blog and its reflection on its sole writer. Though I love Leo Burnett and the work they produce, it is really limiting to only reflect on pieces by this agency. As I’ve been inspired by the work of hundreds of advertisements, good, bad, and weird; I’ve decided that this blog is getting a complete refresh. From now on I will be posting specifically on current and classic ads that inspire me with homes in inspiring others. Not only this, but I will be posting my work for those who have been curious about my work (My portfolio site has been continually under construction – people have gotten to know my book through my physical book).

To fresh days and new inspirations, cheers.

Bryan Miguel

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