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Think back to your college days. Chances are you probably struggled with money and your health. The free gym membership was a plus, but the cheap booze and new freedom wasn’t.

DRxUGS is a pharmacy student organization at Drake University where they manage the events and activities of other pharmacy-oriented groups. They created an event where they give expensive tests, like blood glucose and cholesterol, all for free. These tests at a general physician can cost up to a couple thousand bucks. What DRxUGS is doing really provides the ability to be checked for future issues while saving the extra beer money.

What was the thought behind it?

Thinking about the demographic, I was really curious about how to amp a college student to see the potential and usefulness in an event like this. Sure, the healthy route is popular, but college kids already know the importance of being healthy and still do the unhealthy things they do. In my experience, I’ve noticed that free things can really push people to get off the couch – free T-shirts, redbull, vitamin water, whatever it may be as long as it’s free.

Then I thought, well how do I take this idea and go through the side door rather than the front. People are expecting the term “Free” to be front and center – but everything is like that nowadays. Other than college students, Doctors are really affected by the missing income – not just from the free health screenings, but down the road where people may be healthier because they catch these issues early on and work to prevent it. So how about the out of work doctor who does the work of the average college student. It’s relatable and unexpected. Doctors are usually coined with a pristine profession – a career with an incredible amount of job security. But that security is based on our health. No more problems? No more doctors.

It’s an extension that is a little farfetched, but at the same time, I’m not promising that there won’t be a need for doctors, but more so that the student benefits without having to break the bank.

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