Fuel for Fun


Don’t you hate it when you try to enjoy your breakfast and your teddy bears come to life? At that point, there’s really nothing you can do but dance with them.

This campaign comes from across the pond in London – an agency known as BBH and British breakfast staple Weetabix. I have never tried the stuff, judging by the ad I can only assume that it’s a combination of Wheaties, Cocoa Puffs, and Ecstasy. Sometime between wake-up-tea and mid-morning-crumpets, Weetabix is the fuel of choice in preparation for the usual Monday-morning-rave.

Being unfamiliar with the product I had to do a little googling to really understand what this was. Weetabix is a patty of grains that resembles a Ramen Noodle package that is eaten like a bowl of cereal. The commercial mentions that this product is “spoon-sized” meaning that you don’t need to break the patty up in order to eat it.

The ad and idea are so much fun it’s hard not to watch over and over again. Bravo brits, this has some incredible replay value. In the video, modern-day-Mary-Poppins Arizona Snow has a jolt of energy that inspires her to stomp, shake, and get jiggy with her professional dancing stuffed animals to “A New World” by Mord Fustang. Dubstep has been popular for much longer in the metric land of pounds, but I believe this type of ad could also work in the states.

Their demographic is clear, young teens and preteens who stay fresh in pop culture – the MTV audience. The impressive stuff is how BBH extends this campaign. Audiences can go online to learn the moves to the dance, which may not be as produced as the TV spot, but is equally entertaining and creates the need to view multiple different spots. The campaign started in the Fall of 2011, and the official upload on YouTube has almost 2 million views.

Again I’m not 100% familiar with the product, so I’ve never picked up the box. I don’t know if they have a social campaign or how large the campaign is. Even though they have 2 million views on their YouTube upload, I feel this campaign has so much pop culture that it can extend much further. My take on this would be to feature the dance moves on the back of the box and say to view the pieces on YouTube. Even more, I believe that they should place that link with a QR code on the back constructed by the cereal pieces so people can see and learn the dance moves while they’re eating breakfast – assuming that they carry their cell phone everyone like we do in the states.

Take a look below at the videos below and be sure to let me know your thoughts.


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