Life’s a Game

Marquette Colleges Against Cancer

An event that promotes an event is the best way to describe Paint Marquette Purple.

Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) is everything I learned while working at another nonprofit (Ronald McDonald House) except ran by people who are still learning and exploring the business. It’s fantastic what a group of inexperienced college kids throw together – with a little bit of heart from volunteers and some helpful guidance from an American Cancer Society ambassador – Relay for Life (the end goal) is always a huge success.

Let’s start with the point of CAC – to raise funds for cancer research. Fundraising is done all year by different relay teams, and the successes and efforts are recognized in one large, overnight celebration filled with activities, announcements, speakers, food, and praise from cancer survivors known as Relay For Life. The organization also does its own fundraising through different events like Bowling for Boobs, Dodge for Balls, and many more. All of these are all mini promotions for Relay for Life.

At this day and age, everyone knows about cancer. It’s nearly impossible to not know about it. There are hundreds if not thousands of organizations that contribute in funding cancer research. Though they are all started with the same purpose in mind, each organization is treated like a brand. CAC is no different.

Paint Marquette Purple’s end goal is to have people connect emotionally to CAC and Relay, to show that the entire campus believes that one day cancer will be defeated completely. Student hopefuls are not alone.

Every year CAC has a theme. In the marketing world, this is how a brand connects to the people. In the nonprofit world, it’s what sounds like fun but has a promotable message. Having content, CAC reached out to me to connect the dots creatively. We’re all players in life, but like a board game we are vulnerable to chance. Some people are just luckier than others. Life isn’t treated the same way a game is played though – there are no winners, just people trying to stay in the game. This is where the idea behind this piece takes place – we may not know what the dice will do, but we know what we can do for others.

Paint Marquette Purple

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