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Drama Button > Easy Button

In the battle between Staples “Easy Button” and TNT’s “Drama Button,” I have to go with the latter. The easy button may be more adoptable and long lasting, but when you can make an impact with a single idea, the ripples turn to waves turn to floods all around the world. TNT’s little explosion really did some damage.

Smoke Causes Rain

I may not know the exact scientific evidence behind the phenomenon, but TNT’s #flashtvseriesmashup sparked a media storm. This small quiet area of Belgium was the center of attention around the globe. The key with guerrilla marketing isn’t so much getting the attention of the people and customers, but getting the attention of the media. News travels fast, and the reach of news media outlets are far greater than any guerrilla campaign.

A quick google search shows that major sources like Forbes, MSN, Fast Company, Geekologie, ABC, Huffington Post, Examiner, Top News Today, and countless blogs have all spoken about it. Obviously something like this has made its way around the social circles of facebook, twitter, and google+ but also conversations around the dinner table and unproductive emails at the office.

Everything Right

The original intention of this piece by Duval Guillame Modem, TNT’s ad agency, was to promote the launch of TNT in Belgium. The buck didn’t stop there for the film job and edit was perfect for this to go viral. The greatest thing about this mini play is that it was extremely brandable. TNT has had the tag line ‘We know Drama” for quite some time, and fully commits to that niche. The way the button is introduced uses the term. The surprise banner unfolding on the building makes use of the tagline and all essential information.

Not all guerrilla tactics are that easy to associate with the brand. Often the idea plays off a single tangent that may not be the “One Thing” about a brand. The idea overpowers the brand because it’s just a very good idea, and then the conversation is lost. If TNT were to just have a red button in the middle of the square and all the actors wear a shirt with the logo, it would’ve garnered a WTF moment rather than stroking the curiosity. Then when people spread the conversation, it would no longer be the “TNT Red Button,” it would’ve just been the “Red Button.”

Bravo Duval Guillame Modem, well played.

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