All the same, but all different

Always wanted to be a producer, but never wanted to risk the music business?

It’s a dream we’ve all had. You weren’t necessarily the Vince Chase, you were the Ari Gold. You made Vince Chase, Vince Chase. You knew everyone to make it work, and when you got to work it was gold.

British rock band Kaiser Chiefs were killin’ the music scene, but like many good bands – they went on vacation to enjoy their success for a little too long. By the time they came back they were no longer the superstars they once were.

Wieden + Kennedy stepped in to help with their new album release, but instead of releasing an album, they released millions of the same CD personalized for millions of different people. What they did was utilize a very interesting concept of blurring the line between product and marketing – the product was the marketing.

Tune into the video:

What happened here is they had one person listen to 20 new songs, and he got to choose 10 of them, arrange them in any order he liked, and released it into his ideal album.

Though he was first, he wasn’t the only one.

The video was released and W+K used multiple media channels to release the news of the possibilities. Fans worldwide were able to make their own CD for ₤7.50. They designed it, they arranged it, they put it together. Then they were able to sell their CD to other people, if they bought it, the sellers would make ₤1 per album.

This spread like wildfire. You could make a mixtape and sell it to your girlfriend. People were enticed by the music, and promoted because of the money. Of course, when someone figures out that they don’t have to buy their friends’ album and they can make their own to sell, they were going to go straight to the source. Overall the album release was a huge success and credits go to the incredibly creative minds that brought you “Just Do It.”

Makes you wish you could put that in your portfolio.


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