Quit the charade, wear a seatbelt

Everyone can be creative. Remember that. This PSA was created by an independent film group, Alexander Commercials, not an ad agency. Yet, it’s one of the most powerful seatbelt PSA’s I’ve ever seen. I still get the chills watching it.

The way I believe this concept came about came from life experience rather than research. No numbers were listed, no facts were stated, it’s pure human emotion. A few life experiences come to mind when thinking of how they created this.

I’m sure you’ve stomped the brake too quickly and ¬†reached over to protect your passenger – the mommy stop. This, combined with an interlocking hug can trigger the idea of a human seat belt. Now, I don’t know what kind of game of charades they were playing with such unequal teams – but it gets the point across. The family is spending some quality time together.

The rest of it is music and incredible effects – pieced together to make it gorgeous.

Try to watch it without shedding a tear, I dare you.

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