Can iz haz thumb?

Cats are evil. They’re murderous assassins who are constantly seeking destruction. They run between your legs as you walk by. They sit on your keyboard to cut off your communication resources. Some even have laser powers.

Cat’s have been an internet phenomenon since Al Gore created the internet.Wieden+Kennedy took the craze and ran with it to create the #CatsWithThumbs campaign for Cravendale milk in 2011.

The campaign uses the idea of why we should be fearful of cats, and it all boils down to them wanting our Cravendale milk.

This was the most recent ad.

If you’re unfamiliar with the campaign – here’s the original.

W+K extended this campaign into a variety of different media. The hashtag is a call to action for people to collect their thoughts about the ads on social media.

Creating this personality is cool, but I don’t see Bertrum the Thumbcat featured in any other media. I’m not sure if they created this personality specifically for the facebook page, but by creating a personality, they open up the door for much more.


Bertrum the Thumbcat is a digital mastermind that answers questions to what a thumbcat can do. It’s safe to say, if a cat had a thumb – s/he may be more interesting than the most interesting man. They even went as far as creating their own “ask the oracle” page.

Thanks to Neil Christi from W+K. 

Your cat can even join Bertrum’s army.

Also in the digital realm is the new mini-page.

Unfortunately, I believe the mini-page is half-baked. They’re are a lot of cool things, but there isn’t much that you can play around with. You can watch the most recent commercial, but the only thing interactive with this page is the ability to turn and off the light. Though that’s cool, they missed some opportunities where the change of the light may actually add more dimension. Another shot that could have been fired is making all the other fun looking things interactive, especially with such a playful campaign.

Overall, I love how they jumped on an already popular train and rode it into multiple different media outlets. Unfortunately, I don’t believe they brought it all the way home in digital realm. Considering that the internet started the long running cat jokes.

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