A face for Facebook.

The target demographic is anyone who uses or doesn’t use Facebook. Everyone. Wieden + Kennedy, known for great dramatic pieces had their hands full when working with Facebook’s very first ad campaign. Of course there have been fantastic ads out there for online giants. But how do you create a brand ad for a social networking site? W+K uses chairs.

Putting together a branding campaign is important. It creates a scope of how the brand should be viewed. It identifies a touchstone that users from varying demographics can connect to. Of course this isn’t always how the brand is viewed; it’s not always to be taken for face value. But that’s what PR is for.

If you remember Google’s Parisian Love ad — see “online giants” above for a reminder — they created an emotional connection through use of the product. Something people can relate to.

In contrast, Facebook’s Things that connect us doesn’t use what Facebook does — which isn’t a bad thing; unless you live under a rock — it instead compares Facebook to items in real life that connects people.

I believe W+K missed here. It’s hard for an MLB homerun hitter to strike it big the first at bat against a softball. The story was told pretty slow, and very abstract. This might work as an introduction to the sequel of the social network, but it was largely boring and vague. The video to introduce Facebook’s timeline was actually much more interesting.


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