Das Werbung


A father who throws a baseball with improper technique!? Crucify him! One thing I love more than creating advertisements, is seeing how people react differently to ads. No, I’m not a fan of focus groups, but I do take comments – just with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila. This is target demographics at its finest. Volkswagen obviously did not aim for these following people:


Volkswagen Responses


But I have to admit, that last one is pretty funny. Unfortunately, some of these people lead marketing teams. So explaining the concept of not-pleasing-everyone and to consider-your-target-demographic is as successful as arguing which religion is right (comments related to religion will be deleted). This incongruity births ‘safe’ ideas and ‘safe’ commercials. And eventually you have people who claim they can be in advertising because they disagree with the position. But these people also make fantastic presidents, politicians, CEOs and so on. Take this guy for example:


Volkswagen Pro


Cool story bro, but Volkswagen has a history of some of the greatest ads ever. So armchair leaders and legends, a little understanding of history and branding goes a long way in this business. Though some agencies find a way to rob the grave of someone else’s successful campaign (Visit www.adsoftheworld.com for dozens of people to call you a hack and that your ideas are decades old), Volkswagen has a long history of elite level advertising. So guy, Volkswagen may not need your expertise.

Volkswagen Ad
Volkswagen Ad


Make the decision yourself. Is Deutsch, L.A. deserving of fame or lame? But Deutsch pulled all the right stops where they set up a familiar scene, a relatable situation and added a little bit of a twist. So next time you watch a commercial intended to be funny, see a comedian live or even read comments on YouTube, remember to loosen up. We’re not always a serious business.


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